August 10th, 2013

A brief history of Rutgers University must include its reputation for the highest standard of education to over 56,000 students attending three campuses. As one of the original colonial colleges, its long standing traditions have made Rutger’s part of the American dream in pursuit of an education. Today, Rutgers academics offer over 180 recognized programs and degrees sustaining diverse philosophies and public policies built on foundations of the arts and sciences. Education As a public research university, admission competition continues to grow with Rutgers raising the bar for students interested is pursuing careers and further education in fields of arts and sciences. The undergraduate students attending Rutgers rank in the top 25 percent of their graduating high school classes. Leading scholars present seminars supplementing an international MBA program abroad. Graduates comprise over 14,000 students and professionals seeking to complete their education in research studies and professional academics. Continuing and returning students complete higher levels of research degrees find the course curriculums unbeatable for today’s environment of field and research demands. Community The community diversity flourishes at Rutgers in comparison to other colleges, a characteristic, which contributes to its founding motivation preparing students for real world circumstances. Students participant in classroom strategies, research laboratories and specialized field involvements where learning how to deal with real life experiences last a lifetime. Students are encouraged to become part of the surrounding communities and active in the future developments. 2011 athletics ranked Rutgers number two in the nation for its NCAA football team. The Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team is just as notable, alongside the hockey teams, and Rutgers men’s cross country winning the Belmont Classic. Whether you chose to be a supporting fan, Rutgers school follower or a participating Rutgers athlete in these sports and softball, wrestling and lacrosse, the opportunities are never-endingIf you like what you see, Car Insurance Companies, keep going: Your comments: Officials discuss compromise in Rutgers-Rowan merger


June 6th, 2013

Although the primary focus of a student should be schoolwork, it’s only natural that your child will probably want to get a job while he or she is attending Rutgers University. Luckily, there are plenty of job opportunities around that will allow him or her to make a little bit of money while still focusing on school.

One of the first work-related options that college students should check out is working on campus. Students who are able to get Read the rest of this entry »


March 31st, 2013

Located in the biggest city of New Jersey, the Rutgers University Newark Campus offers an exciting life for students. The on-site residence halls at this university campus include the Talbott Apartments, University Square and Woodward Hall. The Talbott Apartments are usually reserved for graduate and returning students. The University Square is divided into housing units that are used by students of all graduate and undergraduate levels. Freshman students are usually assigned to the apartments at Woodward Hall.

All of the residence halls at the Newark Campus in Rutgers Read the rest of this entry »

Should I Bring My Car to College?

January 4th, 2013

Choosing which items to bring to college is an important part of the moving process. While most items, such as clothing and books, are easy to decide, larger items may take some additional consideration. For the most part, a college student can get by without large pieces of furniture such as beds and dressers. However, many students will be faced with the decision of bringing their car to college.

Many college campuses are set up to provide an experience for their students that makes transportation almost unnecessary. Living on campus can often keep a student from needing to go many places by vehicle. However, there are other reasons why a student may prefer to take their car to school. Work, vacations and social obligations may all create a need for a student to use their personal vehicle to travel off-campus. For this reason, most students who choose to take their car to college find that they enjoy the many advantages that come with having their own transportation.

If a student decides that they will need their car at college, there will be a few important things to consider. First, they will want to make sure their car is in top-condition by having it thoroughly inspected. Then, they will need to maintain their insurance on the vehicle to comply with local laws and protect themselves financially in the case of an accident. Taking the time to compare car insurance rates is a great way to cut down on costs while also ensuring financial responsibility in the case of an accident. Finally, a student will need to check into their school’s parking and storage facilities to ensure that all fees and registrations are taken care of before the first day. By taking the time to prepare, a student can ensure that taking their car to college will be advantageous and simple.


May 24th, 2012

Rutgers Health Services provide a range of health and wellness services for students. Their primary care services encompass both preventative and routine healthcare. Routine physical exams are available as well as treatment for minor conditions, repair of common injuries and the management of chronic illnesses. In the case of specialized care that Rutgers Health Services’ facility and staff cannot accommodate, the student will be referred to a local specialist.

Female-centric health services include pelvic and breast examinations, pap tests, emergency contraceptives, STI testing and treatment and counseling in the case of pregnancy. Male-centric services include STI testing and Read the rest of this entry »


May 22nd, 2012

Rutgers University’s curriculum and history is on par with Ivy League schools. Established in 1766 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, it’s one of the best schools in the country. It is affordable. There are many grants, scholarships and financial aid which include work-study programs.

Rutgers has a policy of encouraging a strong network amongst faculty, administrators and students groups to offer non-judgmental support to students. Accessibility to public transportation makes it easy for students to visit friends and relatives. There are buses and trains that run until midnight everyday.

The University hires brilliant Read the rest of this entry »


May 21st, 2012

Rutgers University in New Jersey offers several wonderful academic programs that you can take and is the largest school in the state. There you will find 100 master and bachelor programs along with 80 and doctoral and professional programs. The school offers a unique and individualized women’s studies department including childhood studies. There are also great programs in law and business available as well an intelligent Division of Global Affairs Ph.D. program. Although the school is very selective on the applicants it is well Read the rest of this entry »


May 19th, 2012

Rutgers is a state university housed on several campuses in New Jersey. These campuses are located in New Brunswick, Camden and Newark. The college currently has a student body of about 56,000. Admission to Rutgers is competitive, and admissions decisions are made based on a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s application.

How to Apply
To apply to Rutgers University’s undergraduate program, you must submit the following:
–Application fee
–Online application
–A self-reported academic record
–ACT or SAT scores sent directly from testing facility
–College transcripts from any previous colleges attended

If you attended high school outside the U.S., you must Read the rest of this entry »